Should the Church be talking Sex, Homosexuality, Love

We  hear our kids coming home from school talking about things they learnt in health class and the depths of the discussions in the class and then some of us parents get upset and say our kids should not  be hearing these things, so hear is my question;

Are we spending time talking to our kids about this, or are we depending on the system, Should these topics be discussed in our local churches instead of us keeping it taboo or making derogatory remarks?

Weigh in on this?

2 thoughts on “Should the Church be talking Sex, Homosexuality, Love”

  1. Yes I believe firmly that the church should and must talk about sex, homosexuality and love. The institution called the church who really is the body of Christ must state its case based on the word of God. God has given guidelines. Sex should be practiced by married people. ” flee fornication” among others. He God created man and saw how lonely man was and out of man came woman. If man don’t get his missing rib “woman” then another man can’t fulfil that man”s desires. Every male has a female. Love is of God. Everything else hangs on that. The agape love which is of God is needed for true satisfaction, then the other types of love will stem from it. Such a broad topic. I’ll stop here for now. So the body of Christ needs to be “real”..stop hiding and avoiding these conversations. Let us take back and teach our kids sex education and preservation or else the world will push them to experiment, tolerate and to stray from the fundamentals according to the bible.

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