The Church is a Hospital

Now I have spoken to quite a few people in the last two weeks and also heard many people preach on the church being a ‘Hospital’ now my question today is; if we are a hospital our medication (word) our equipment ( the tools we use to operate with), the staff must be upgraded and ready to work with and receive those who are coming in with all types of sickness and problems. So with all the different churches out there, ¬†as a body of Christ are we prepared for this?

Weigh in on this.

3 thoughts on “The Church is a Hospital”

  1. I believe in this concept but many of us have been saved so long and have grown so big that we forget where we came from. What I love about God is that his love for us is so extensive that he reaches us right at the point of where we are and I believe that as The Church we need to remember and operate in that same kind of love. Don’t use the word and pulpit as a platform to curse, condem and persecute people but rather bless, encourage and let themknow that with Christ as our rock, we will make it. Its a love thing..

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