Worship, Music, Performance and the Church

I did an article on worship “The Why , What , How” and just recently myself and others from all parts of the internet world participated in a discussion that was so interesting and it really open up my eyes again to this topic. They are a lot of people confused with worship and style, performance and entertainment, church and concert, congregation and an audience; so based on what we discussed can some one weigh in on this and then I will share what I’ve learned

Remember Worship is our response to God,

Style speaks about, Big Band, Jazz, two step, pop, pop rock, soca, R&B etc.

But here is a tricky question; if you are in church and we have a service on a Sunday morning, we usually say the ‘congregation’ and now we have an event in the same church , we open with worship and then we bring on varied artists to ‘Perform/ Minister’ is it now a congregation or an audience? and are we performing or ministering?

Weigh in on this.

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