Now this is the Easter season, some say Lent, others say Advent, regardless of the words use we all know something significant happened around this season. This Season people seem to be more loving, fasting more, trying to be ceremoniously proper, trying very hard to be good. Some folks say they do not drink strong alcohol, some do not eat meat, others do not wear make up. But the question is Why do we do all that? Is it Religious or Cultural, or do we do these things because we will be pardon for our sins?

Its a season full of color, and for most women, the hats and you can bet your last dollar that almost all churches we will be packed with people you have not seen in ages and some you do not even know. But my question is do we really understand this time of the year and the true story? And also what is the significance of the Easter Bunny and its eggs, and egg hunting? In the midst of all this you do not hear about the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour. Please lets get back to the bible and teaching our children what Easter is all about.Easter_jesus_on_the_cross-6

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