Efuusor started out as a seven member band put together by Vision School of Music to target the hotel entertainment industry, but quickly evolved to its present state after the passage of Hurricane Ivan in September 2004 in Grenada, of the same year. At this point in time Efuusor became a fourteen member band and other supporting groups whose main focus was Music Evangelism with the vision of spreading the good news of God’s love to the entire world, through music and dance.

Our mission is to take the Gospel horizontally to the Nations and vertically to the various strata of society. The Word Efuusor is of Nigerian origin and means “Vision” and our Logo is that of an African fish eagle flying across the globe, this bird was chosen for its amazing qualities. Generally eagles are noted for their vision and their hunting skills, but this eagle is unique because it hunts or ‘fish for fishes’ and as believers we are called to be ‘Fishers of Men’. In other words Efuusor is a group of musicians that loves the Lord and has caught hold of the vision of being fishers of men to the ends of the earth.

At present our band consists of our entire family, with the same focus, vision and passion of winning souls for Christ and ministering and blessing the hearts of others through music.


Music With A Mission