Church Conduct 2

Do you think we should have a genuine relationship as a church or a body of Christ in order for us to fellowship and worship together? 

Will our Praise and worship be accepted if we pretend to care for each other? You tell me.

Church Conduct

Here is the question; Are we suppose to just tolerate our fellow believers in church because it is church? or are we suppose to fellowship and love each other with a genuine caring love, cause the last time I checked if I say I love God whom I have not seen and hate my brother or sister who i see then I am a liar. I cannot love God and not his children, Think on these things my people

Phrases we use

There is phrase that people use all the time ‘Do as I say but not as I do”, now tell me is that a phrase or a trend we should follow as believers and as Parents is this a good example for our children?

Weigh in on this.

Are You Called to Ministry

When you are involved in ministry, please ensure that it is where God called you to be, because it involves time, family, saying no to a lot of things, a lot of praying, fasting, taking time outs, but most of all “Let them see You (Jesus) in me”. I thank God everyday for my wonderful family and the support we give each other in this area.

Think on this


Do we understand what Ministry Is?

Have you ever asked yourself, What is ministry? and why does God bring certain unique people with different skills and abilities, and different mannerisms and ideas together? Do we see the long term goals and purpose of coming together or do we just get distracted by the craftiness of the enemy, that these skills and abilities work against us and not for us. We need to wake up and use what God has given us, to build His Kingdom not divide it and pull it down. When will we all see that.

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