The Role of a Backing Vocalist

Article 3

The Role of the Backing Vocalist (Part 1)

A vocalist must be able to:

   1.        Sing on pitch consistently (be in key)

   2.        Learn music quickly

   3.        Have confidence and poise in front of people

   4.        Be a team player

   6.        Must  follow the direction of the team leader as                   well as church leadership. 


 (Part 2)

Listening to each other

Backing vocalist, whether it is two or more must listen to each other as they sing and not try to out sing each other. If this is done it will lead to chaos and noise, which will eventually lead to distractions during worship. It is very important we understand our roles and our vocal assignments.

The Blend

Each vocalist will be assigned vocal parts to sing which creates harmonization with the voices. In order for this to be successful we need to blend in such a way, so when we sing the voices must be like one voice.

The Flow

It is very easy to get caught up with our singing that sometimes we forget we are giving support. Backing vocals must follow the clear directions of the lead vocalist and continues to sing until there is a clear directive to stop. This eases the leader to exhort and communicate with the congregation.


Vocalist must spend time developing their voices and work on different techniques that will help enhance the team and its presentation in worship.







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