Worship Team Etiquette

Every rehearsal is an opportunity to worship God before the actual service. The rehearsal should therefore be taken seriously, prayerfully and with an eagerness to meet with the Lord. At the same time the rehearsal should be an opportunity for much joy and gladness as the team members use their gifts to serve the Lord.

Every team member is expected to submit to each other and to the team leadership. Opinions, suggestions, questions and comments in rehearsals should be communicated clearly, and it is our responsibility as members to make the rehearsal a positive, exciting time for learning, growth and service.

In the absence of clear communication the practice sessions are disrupted, the attitude and sometimes the facial expressions of one person may affect the whole flow of the session.

We need to be spiritually alert at all times to the fact that the enemy will use anything or anyone that avails it self to be used to disrupt the rehearsal session.

The Team leader must be notified of the availability of its members.

-Some Info was Adapted by Worship guidelines (True Believers Church)



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